About Us ~ New Year Melancholy

Pāthardih http://lumiistyle.com/post/84227560420/tydepool-leather-ipad-case-112-love-this The New Year is one of my least favourite times of year. I hate that time is passing by, and there’s nothing I can do about it; and perhaps, truthfully, and morbidly, I hate that it could be the last time I’m able to spend New Year with a loved one.

http://inkimages.net/1index.php Having said that, the New Year is also the time I resolve to spend more time with loved ones after enjoying their company, sans constant TV watching over the festive period.

One of my favourite things about the holiday season is that I’m able to spend time with my family. A tradition we hold is playing games in the afternoons: card games, board games, parlour games (yes, I did use the word parlour!)- bottom line, if there’s a winner, we’ll play the game, and it’s time spent doing things we don’t normally have time for that create the memories, and it’s the same for our summer holidays.

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Our summer holidays were spent playing Connect 4 (and crawling under the decking to retrieve the pieces), UNO (and being told off by a German man for being too loud… we may be overly competitive) and rounders (it’s amazing how many people will get involved in a game- competitive dads and all!) It’s these fond memories I have of my holidays that don’t rely on a screen or an internet connection that inspired me to encourage all our families staying with Votre Vacances to take advantage of having time to create lasting memories.


In the meantime, why wait for a holiday, why not set aside 30 minutes to play a game, and start making memories?

New Year might not be my favourite time of year, but it’s a time of year where I’ve made some of my most treasured memories, and I hope you do too.