As time goes by

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I recently asked my siblings to write a brief paragraph about why they enjoyed our campotel holidays when we were younger.

order Lyrica online uk In typical supportive sibling tradition, what I received wasn’t a verse crafted with care and thought about halcyon summer days spent lounging by swimming pools; instead I got a PR and marketing gurus worst nightmare…..

buy stromectol In what can only be described as an online barrage, I received snippets of memories and quotes from our summer holidays, along with the odd song lyric that made up the soundtrack to our summers. It was through this onslaught, that I realised at the heart of Votre Vacances is my family’s fondest memories, and I want to be able to provide others with an environment in which they too can recall with great affection “that time when…..”

In case you were wondering, eventually I did receive something from my sisters and brother:

“Our family holidays have provided us with memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives, as well as teaching us valuable life lessons.

Lessons such as:

Do NOT play Connect 4 on a decking (the counters will fall down between the cracks, and result in one of the children crawling underneath to find said counter)

Wearing high heels or wedges are NOT safe on medieval cobbled streets

Making friends in the swimming pool is the easiest way to make friends on holiday, and will result in parents having a quiet and relaxing holiday sans children as they will be out playing with new friends from the time the pool opens, to the time the pool closes; making an occasional appearance to the parents if ice cream money is needed

Uno is a surprisingly competitive game (*this could just be the case in our family!)

It is very important for the youngest siblings (usually awake before everyone else) to save poolside sun loungers for elder siblings and parents

It is totally acceptable to eat pastries for breakfast whilst on holiday- when in Rome!

“Cherish every moment of a family holiday, and accept that tears and tantrums are inevitable, swimming races are a must, there may be a spot of rain, there may even be a spot of sunburn, BBQs form part of the staple diet, and holidays can’t last forever; they wouldn’t be so special if they did”