How to choose your next holiday destination

Whilst it’s fair to say that this summer hasn’t panned out how any of us imagined, from cancelled holidays to quarantines, it has taught us the importance of holidays. We all need that time away from our usual routine and stomping ground.

So, if you’re desperate to book your next summer holiday, but don’t know where to start, here are some things you should think about to ensure you have your best holiday yet!

overnight shipping on generic Misoprostol Let’s start with some questions to help you narrow down your choices:

  • City, beach, or countryside?
  • Hot or cold weather?
  • Adventure or relaxation?
  • Shopping, culture, or adrenaline?
  • Family, friends, partner, or solo?
  • Independent travel or have everything organised for you?
  • Self-catering or all inclusive?
  • Budget or splash the cash? Or somewhere in the middle?
  • Off the beaten track or a tried and tested destination?
  • What time of year you want to travel?

Once you’ve started thinking about what you actually want from a holiday, it can help you pin-point your perfect destination.

Tips to help you choose your destination

Bunia Consider going independent

Often, we choose to holiday with well-known companies, even if they’re more expensive and have mixed reviews. But thanks to companies like Airbnb we’re becoming more open minded in our booking choices and choosing to travel independent.

Think about the travel

If you’ve found your dream destination, but the flights are expensive, or the dates of travel don’t match up with the accommodation dates, then why not get creative? It could be that there’s a cheaper flight to a nearby destination, and you can hire a car or take a scenic train to your desired destination. Remember, the journey is just as important as the holiday, and can set the tone for the entire trip.

Be decisive

You’ve found the holiday you want to go on. So, why wait? Lockdown has taught us the importance of living in the moment, so, book it! Don’t think about it for a few weeks, otherwise by the time you’ve decided to book, you might have missed the opportunity! That’s definitely the case with holidays next year, already people are booking up popular destinations.

Ask yourself ‘why’

Why do you want to travel? Do you want to relax, have fun with your friends, reconnect with loved ones, switch off from work, experience a different culture, or just get a tan? It’s easier to find the where, when you’ve uncovered the why.