How to make your holiday more memorable

It’s only when the thought of a holiday is taken away from us, that we realise how precious they are. How precious time spent with loved ones is.

I think back to my last family holiday – would we have laughed harder if we’d known it was the last holiday we’d have together? Would we have taken more photos? Or, played one more raucous game of UNO? It’s only after the fact, or when something is taken away from us that we realise how precious something is.

It’s in these times that we realise a holiday is more than just “an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling.” A holiday allows us to reconnect with the ones we love, whether it’s family members or friends. A holiday allows us to escape the mundane reality of life and appreciate all that we have. A holiday allows us to create memories that can last a lifetime. But, it’s only when the mundane reality of life is called in to question that we really appreciate what a holiday means.


can you buy Lyrica online Take photos

cheap generic prednisone  Taking photos is perhaps the easiest way to treasure your holiday memories. Candid photos always make for the best pictures, as they capture genuine moments in time – images that can never be recreated.

And if you’re always behind the lens, ask everyone to take photos, or invest in a Bluetooth remote. It also doesn’t matter what you look like – how often have you deleted a photo because you didn’t think you looked nice? Or, you’ve looked back at a photo and realised you weren’t as fat/ thin/ ugly as you thought at the time?


Switch off 

A holiday isn’t just a time of leisure and recreation, a holiday should be about switching off from the outside world. There’s a worrying rise in children feeling anxious when away from their phone, and a holiday is the perfect time to reset this addictive behaviour.

With so many new things to experience, take the time to switch off. Although there’s WIFI in our chalets, we purposefully didn’t provide TV’s as we want families to switch off from technology.


Do something out the ordinary

Holidays are the perfect chance for you to do something you wouldn’t normally do, whether it’s going for a horse ride on the beach, tackling the zipwires at Le Grand Defi, or trying your hand at surfing in the Atlantic.

Whatever you choose, the collective experience will help make memories that will last a lifetime – you might even find a new hobby!


Live like a local

It can be tempting to only stick to tourist attractions, and well-known restaurants, but to make your holiday more memorable find out where the locals eat, shop, and visit. Not only will you get a real feel for a place, but you’ll have a totally different experience to every other tourist that visits an area, that only sees the Top 10 attractions from TripAdvisor.


Travel slowly

If the thought of a long drive from the ferry ports fills you with dread, break up the journey and do some exploring along the way. A holiday doesn’t start the moment you arrive at your final destination.

If you’re coming from Caen, Le Havre, or St. Malo look at stopping off in Deauville or Honfleur for a taste of old-world glamour. Wander the streets or play on the beach, window shop the fashionable boutiques, or watch a game of polo.

Rouen is our favourite stop-over when coming from Calais or Zeebrugge. The medieval town is awash with history. Spend the evening wandering through the narrow, cobbled streets before enjoying a meal in a traditional Auberge.

For car lovers, spend a few hours in Le Mans, and for the ultimate family holiday, why not spend a few days at Disneyland Paris?


If we learn one thing over the next coming days, weeks, and months, it’s that time is precious, and we never know when the last time will be – so treasure every day like it’s the last. And make the most of your next family holiday.