Lifestyle ~ Spring Book Reviews

With lighter evenings and warm weather, spring is the perfect time of year for me to find my renewed reading vigour. Instead of spending the night locked inside, I spend it outside on the decking with a good book. Okay, not an actual book- I use an e-reader, books are too heavy to carry all the time; but look great on a coffee table or bookcase!

Letlhakane Over the last few months I’ve read to some pretty cracking books! I’m a lazy sort of reader, I like a little mystery and intrigue- I’ve been known to stay up all night finishing a book; but I also get to a point where I skim read, in a vain attempt to get to the end!


“The Lake House”, Kate Morton

Ever since the House at Riverton, Kate Morton is my go to gal for a summer read, with a bit of mystery, history and intrigue. Set in two time periods, it’s a classic formula that works; and is obviously a tear jerker!

lake house

“The Daughters of Red Hill Hall”, Kathleen McGurl

This is similar to Kate Morton’s MO, two different time periods cleverly woven together. I couldn’t put this book down. I was gripped, and was also incredibly annoyed by 2 of the main characters- which made it even more thrilling and galling all at the same time! This is a great by the pool read!

daughters red hill hall

“The Disappearance”, Annabel Kantaria

Another gripping thriller set in different time periods- can you tell I like a certain genre! This will keep you guessing, and what I thought was a glaring maths error- let me know if you spot it- the clues start slotting in to place as a mother and her twins go on the trip of a lifetime on a Mediterranean Cruise, ending in catastrophe, blame and intrigue.


“The Girl on the Train”, Paula Hawkins

Obsessed. A film with Emily Blunt as the main protagonist is already planned, but read the book before. It’s  one of those books that will have you hooked, and I wasn’t wholly sure I actually LIKED the main character, in fact, she annoyed the hell out of me, which is why I love it so much!

girl on the train