Making Memories

It’s that time of year when we look back over all we have achieved, memories we have made, and lessons we have learned; it’s also where we look forward to new year of prospects, hopes and dreams.


Mehtar Lām Attitude of Gratitude

Unlike previous New Years Resolutions about giving up a vice, this year I will be practising gratitude; I will be embarking on a 365 day Attitude of Gratitude. Each day I’ll write down one thing I am grateful for. Write to Loved Ones

I also want to write more letters. Living in a cash rich, time poor society means we often take our loved ones for granted. This year I want to take time out to write to loved ones.

One of my favourite things to do is send postcards, and the app, TouchNote* is ideal if you to enjoy sending a personalised postcard to loved ones using snaps from your own holiday.

can i buy Clomiphene over the internet Make more Memories

Thanks to smartphones we are taking more photos than ever, but are we really cherishing our memories?

In an age of filters, photoshop and life in the cloud, I want to take photos that represent a moment in time; and the best bit, I want to have an album, an actual physical representation of my 2018.

The ethos behind Votre Vacances is making memories, and that’s just what we want our 2018 to be made of and be grateful for every day.


Want to join our Year of Gratitude, use #makingmemories

We’d love to hear your 2018 resolutions

*Read our blog about the apps we use when travelling