Our favourite family games

 Easter is traditionally a time we get to spend with loved ones. Play dates with friends, Easter egg hunts in the garden, and heading out for long country walks.

Whilst we know this year will be markedly different, fun isn’t cancelled, laughter with family isn’t cancelled, making memories isn’t cancelled.

So, with that in mind, here are our favourite family games you can play this Easter, and beyond.

Our favourite family games


An oldie but a goodie. UNO is the ultimate card game for family gatherings. Suitable from the age of 5, you can be as nice to the person next to you – or as mean – plus 4 anyone?!

We love UNO so much in our family, we include a pack in every one of our family-game packs.


A game that requires a steady hand – Jenga is a fun all round game. The best bit? It’s quick to set up and doesn’t last too long! Perfect if you’re looking for a pre-bedtime game that won’t last hours!!


The new kid on the block, Dobble is the ultimate speedy observation game. We guarantee you’ll become more competitive than the kids.

Thanks to its compact size, it’s an ideal game to travel with.

Active family games

Family games doesn’t have to mean sitting around a table. Here are some of our favourite family games that can get the heart pumping too!

Hide and Seek

One of our all time favourite family games to play. It’s perfect for children learning to count, and it gets the heart racing too!

French skipping rope

Also known as Chinese jump rope, French skipping ropes help develop balance and co-ordination. Unlike a traditional skipping rope, a French skipping rope is one large loop.

There are plenty of rope patterns to try. You’ll spend hours mastering them.

Tig / It

Depending on where you’re from it’s either Tig or It!

Either way, it’s all round entertainment. The grassy area behind the indoor swimming pool is the perfect place to play.


The worst family games


It may be one of the most popular board games, but it’s also renowned for being one of the worst! Save time, tantrums, and tears, and avoid Monopoly this Easter!


A game that takes longer to set up than play! In theory, Mousetrap is a great game, in reality, your kids will get bored before you do. Not to mention putting each piece together, is BEYOND fiddly. And it’s fair to say, testing of everyone’s patience.


Who doesn’t like an educational game, learning about parts of the body? How about one that has a shrill buzzer! Leave Operation in the box unless you have a full box of paracetamol to hand.