Our Top 5 Things to do in the evening

Holidays are all about lazy days, exploring new places, and discovering things about each other.

For us, evenings on holidays have provided us with some of our best memories. Just when the sun is setting, and another day in an unfamiliar place comes to a close.

So, we decided to share with you our 5 favourite things to when on holdiay at Chateau La Foret.



buy ivermectin scabies online 5. Siting out on the decking at night, playing games (and drinking vino if that’s your sort of thing…. )


One of the reasons I love this sort of holiday is outdoor living and playing games we don’t normally have time for, because, well, life gets in the way!
It’s these times spent playing that I have some of my favourite childhood memories, and we at Votre Vacances are all about making memories


http://itstimetogetorganized.com/start-meetings-on-time-with-everyone-present/ 4. You’re not on holiday unless you’ve been to a night market


One of my favourites is the small artisan market in the square outside the church in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie.

I like to have a wander around the market, and then go for dinner (or ice cream!) in one of the many restaurants , and the boutique shops often stay open until 7pm too.

Saint Gilles is only a 20 minute drive from the Chateau, and makes it perfect sleeping distance for little ones so you can pop them straight to bed when you get in, leaving you time to relax outside on the decking.

Les Sables d’Olonne also has several evening markets throughout the summer months, and is another one of my favourite market spots to pick up regional goodie.


http://crochet247.com/spearmint-stars-c2c-cowl-crochet/ 3. An evening in Les Sables d’Olonne


Summer evenings see the promenade next to the Grand Plage turn in to a pedestrian only area with live bands, artists and entertainers

Enjoy free street parking after 7pm, or catch a water bus from La Chaume for a couple of euros

Day or night, Les Sables d’Olonne is the perfect place to wander around, take a turn on the Edwardian carousel, or enjoy fresh moules in the harbour

Only a 20 minute car drive, makes this another perfect trip to aid sleepiness in little ones!!!



2. An evening at the beach


There’s nothing I find more relaxing than spending an evening at the beach watching the sun set.

My favourite time is to go down early evening around 7pm just as the day trippers are leaving and the surfers are catching the last waves of the day, and the light is just magical.

My favourite beaches for an evening stroll are between Brem sur Mer and Bretignolles, and are the epitome of Vendee beaches with sand dunes leading on to wide stretches of golden sands.



1. An evening at the Chateau 


My absolute favourite thing to do is spend an evening at the Chateau!

Whether it’s having dinner at the restaurant followed by a drink in courtyard, watching a live band in the Orangerie, wandering around through the forest, or simply sitting at the lake, there is nothing I love more

One of the reasons I fell in love with Chateau La Foret is how one minute you can be totally immersed in holiday vibes in the courtyard, with children playing on the bouncy castles, and people laughing, talking and socialising, and the next you can be by the lake, looking back at an 18th century Chateau, and you feel totally lost in time..