The Soundtrack to your Summer

The humble mix tape may no longer be with us, but the art of making a killer playlist is still alive and well, and nothing can make or a break a holiday quite like a soundtrack.

A song can transport you to another time, and evoke memories you never even knew you had. Give me a song, and I can give you a memory. For example the 1998 song Big Big World will forever remind me of the day we visited  a zoo in France, it was also the day my grandmother was having a pace maker fitted; why do I remember this? No idea, but such is the power of a song, be it good…or bad!! Here are our tips for creating a killer playlist to accompany you this summer….

buy stromectol Power Ballads are a MUST – we are talking Bonnie Tyler, Meatloaf, and of course Celine Dion


80s music you can SING your heart out to – Whitney Houston, Eurythmics, Frankie goes to Hollywood to name but a few


90s and 00s hiphop and RnB you can rap along to, and feel SUPER cool – TuPac, Ja Rule, and Usher offer lyrics that don’t trip you up- you don’t want to look like a fool…!


Brit Pop, quite possibly a genre that defined an era. A playlist would not be complete without a smattering of Oasis, Blur or The Verve. Come on, we all know the lyrics to Wonderwall.


Pop Classics you can always come back to, inoffensive and annoyingly catchy. Spice Girls, Take That, and One Direction all fulfil this genre!


Throw in some Top 40 chart toppers to break up the nostalgia to help cement the memories – Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift offer catchy inoffensive songs for all the family


Once you’ve chosen your songs from each genre, mix them all up to create your Summer Soundtrack!

We would love to hear what your go-to songs and genres are to create an unforgetable soundtraack.