Things to do ~ Puy du Fou

Unlike most theme parks, Puy du Fou doesn’t have a single rollercoaster or log flume. This is a new kind of theme park, and it’s far more engaging and entertaining, and you won’t be queuing for hours to get on a ride!

Bongaigaon I’ve visited Puy du Fou previously, and each time I’m enthralled by its shows, set at various periods in time.

Kitakata The history of Puy du Fou is just as magical as any of its shows…. It all started back in the 1970s when two students were out exploring the local area, when they stumbled across the remains of a Renaissance Chateau….and so the legend of Puy du Fou was born. puy du fou 1

Every day thousands of actors, set designers, animals, and much more put on visual spectacles, including Gladiator battles in a replica Roman Amphitheatre, Viking Village invasion, and the Musketeers fighting the dastardly Cardinal Richelieu.

Their new show, the Dernier Panache is about a young French Naval officer fighting for not only his life but the freedom of the Vendee.  It’s a powerful insight into the Civil War which saw the decimation of the Vendee by its own Government, as well as showing the future of modern theatre with rotating stalls moving to new sets, with computer aided backgrounds.

The actors, set design and dynamic music makes you believe you are part of the magic of Puy du Fou.

Although the park recommends you need more than one visit to see all the attractions, you are able to see all the major shows in one day- with careful planning.

puy du fou 2

Each day, they print a new timetable, so as soon as you get in, pick up a new timetable- they come in English too, and you can map out your day. There is the option of purchasing an English audio guide, which I would suggest for the more Vendee centric shows, such as the Dernier Panache, and the Renaissance Chateau- but if like me you have a good level of French to comprehend what’s going, if not word for word, you’ll soon get the gist- with many of the shows, you don’t really need to know what’s being said, because it’s just so visually impressive!!

You may find you have a bit of time in between shows, but there’s plenty to see and do, from the 19th century town, that’s home to the brass band, carousel, restaurants and gift shops, to the Trianon inspired country village with artisans showcasing their crafts, farm animals and medicinal gardens, as well as mazes and dancing water fountains.

Thanks to the clever layout of the park and the timetabling of the shows you don’t appreciate how many visitors are there until you get into each show arena- which only adds to the atmosphere.

Each night in summer the park has night shows, as well as the Cinescenie (an additional price) which is another triumph with  fireworks, dancers and music. I have never been to these shows (another time!), but I would suggest if you wanted to attend the Cinescenie then going another day, as it can be a long and exhausting day!

Puy du fou 3

The site is pushchair and wheelchair friendly, with most shows suitable for the very young- although they can be quite loud.

It’s worth noting that the majority of shows are based outside; although they do sell great ponchos!!

A holiday to the Vendee wouldn’t be complete without experiencing this award winning Theme Park.