Tips for travelling this summer

Whilst our summer holidays – at least this year – may look a little different compared with previous years, summer holidays aren’t completely out of the question. But there are a few things you can do to help ensure your family’s safety without compromising on the experience.

Holidays are supposed to be a chance for you to relax and unwind and spend time with loved ones – and with a bit of preparation you can still have the summer holiday you’ve been waiting for!


Anloga Travel arrangements

Many airlines are encouraging passengers to wear masks for their flights this year. And whilst it’s not mandatory, it’s definitely a good precaution to take.


This should go for any public transport you will be taking this summer. It’s also worth wearing a mask when entering buildings such as service stations too. If you have young children a face shield instead of a mask should be used.


Keep hand sanitiser in an easy to reach pocket, and always sanitise hands before and after touching your mask and other surfaces. But try and keep touching surfaces to a minimum.


paratactically Plan your route

Whether you’re venturing on a self-drive holiday, or catching a flight, it’s worth taking the time to plan your route to limit exposure to a large number of people.


Fill up your car with fuel before setting off and try and limit the number of stops you take. Whilst many service stations and public places will no doubt be increasing how often they will be cleaning, if possible, try and travel during the night when fewer people will be using the facilities.


Pre-prepare snacks

Who doesn’t enjoy a snack on a long journey? Whilst in the past we wouldn’t think twice about grabbing some snacks from M&S or Waitrose, or maybe a guilt free burger from Burger King from a service station, this summer we will be pre-preparing our car journey snacks. And don’t forget to pack enough water!


Choose self-catering

We understand you may be sick of preparing more family meals but choosing self-catering accommodation will give you peace of mind that the food has been prepared in a hygienic way. As well as knowing that all crockery has only been used by you and your family.


Before you go food shopping, think ahead to the meals you want to prepare to help reduce the number of shopping trips. And if possible, have only one member of the family go to the supermarket.


Book local attractions

Many tourist attractions are implementing pre-booking to limit the number of visitors. If you can, plan what you want to do before you arrive so you have plenty of time to book the attractions.


Get out in the open

There’s no better way to explore a new place than by getting out in the open. Leave the car and explore on foot or by bike. In the Vendee we’re blessed with over 1150km of dedicated cycle tracks, and with routes around the chateau, Lac Jaunay, and the coast – you’ll find the perfect route for you in no time!



Reports suggest that nearly 38% of British holidaymakers don’t have travel insurance. Not only are these worrying statistics, should anything happen whilst you’re on holiday you may not be covered. Even if you decide on a staycation this year, holiday insurance should still be at the top of your list.