Top 5 free ways to entertain the children this Summer

The Summer holidays…..for children it means at least 6 weeks of FREEDOM; for parents it means nearly 2 months of finding people to look after the children, think of things to see and do, all without breaking the bank! With September in sight, here’s our Top 5 FREE things to keep the children entertained this summer.


1. Make an Assault Course

An easy and fun way to keep the children (and adults!) active is to create an assault course. This can be done in the house, the garden and even at the park.
You can make the course as easy or as difficult as you like, time everyone, or set-up races, it’s up to you!
You can use chairs to crawl under, sweeping brushes to jump over, hula hoops to jump through, and anything else you want to use- your only limit is your imagination.

garden play

2. Nature Bingo

Instead of making a bingo card with numbers, make one with pictures or words of things you might find on a walk. For example, a bird, a feather, butterfly, yellow flower etc. Making the card can be part of the fun too.
Why not make different cards if you’re going on different walks?

crafts for children

3. Paint Rocks


Whilst you’re out on your nature walks, find stones you can take home and paint, and then leave them for other people to find.


4. Play a game you don’t normally have time for


The summer holiday is the perfect time for you to get back to basics, and play an old school game you don’t normally have time for. All you have to do, is choose which one you want to play. If it’s a nice day, why not set up a picnic blanket and take the game outside?


5. Star Gazing


With warmer nights, and clear skies, introduce little ones to the wonder of star gazing. Download the app Star Gaze and learn the constellations that light up the sky around you.

star gazing

We would love to hear how you’ve kept your little ones entertained this summer, and if you have any plans for the last few weeks, especially those on a budget!