Travel Hacks

Summer holiday season is all but upon us, and whilst the prospect of a holiday fills us with joy; the thought of the packing and travelling is often less than joyful….

To help relieve some of the stress and angst we’ve compiled a quick list to offer a helping hand so your holiday goes off without a hitch!



Mitaka-shi Electronics

Place all your chargers, adapters, spare headphones, spare batteries in one clear plastic wallet. Cosmetic bags work really well for this. This will stop the stress of desperately trying to find randomly packed cables.


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Capsule wardrobes are your friend- choose neutral separates, and add interest with accessories, think tassel earrings, layered necklaces and mix and match bangles. As tempting as it can be to have a bright beach bag, neutral and natural is the way forward; think canvas tote, and basket bags. Heels on a holiday are a no, holidays are all about laid back vibes. If you feel you need a lift, an espadrille wedge can be your new summer best friend.


Torre-Pacheco Cosmetics

Remember all those samples you get in magazines? They are amazing for long haul travel, and mini-breaks; you may even be tempted to actually buy the full- size item….maybe!

If you’re going away for under 14 nights it’s unlikely you’ll use a whole bottle of shampoo, this is where decanting your favourite into smaller bottles really comes in to its own, and will save you space and weight!

Make-up miniatures are my go to travel hack, and with most brands creating their best selling products in miniature form you can be beach to bar ready in a minutes, with the luxury of being able to fit your makeup in a small clutch!

Men’s antiperspirants and colognes tend to last longer than women’s, and with many brands now creating unisex fragrances, it might be time for a new summer scent! Tip, spray sent on to hair to avoid being sweated off!!


Last minute Prep


Handy apps

I don’t travel anywhere without a sat nav with downloaded content. There are plenty of free apps out there that allow you to download whole countries for free. This is a game changer when you’re out exploring. Pin point any attractions you’re interested in, and when you’re out and about mark where you’ve left the car!


Pre-purchase tickets

It’s often cheaper to pre-buy tickets, so if there’s an attraction you’re definitely going to visit have a quick look online and see if there’s a difference between pre-paid and on the day tickets.



Audiobooks are your friend! Choose ones the whole family will love, and that are quite long! Think Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, David Walliams, and Roald Dahl.



Long gone are the days of the mix tape, but the art of making the perfect playlist is still alive- just don’t forget to download it!

Read our How to Create the Perfect Playlist blog.



There is nothing worse than starting your beach read… and HATING IT!! Before you leave read the first chapter to see if you like the tone.


Get organised

Take photos of all your passports, tickets, travel docs and itineraries so you have a record should anything happen. You can also send a copy to relatives, and send them to the cloud!



Prepare snacks ahead of travelling to avoid the dreaded Petrol Station stash of convenience junk food. Choose pop-corn, hummus and vegetables, homemade trail mix, and ‘sugar free’ brownies using dates to add sweetness. Babybel cheese and an apple are a perfect snack pairing.


Folding Tupperware

Buy some folding Tupperware for your travels, and use throughout your holiday – they are a REVOLUTION!


Old School Games

Choose games and toys that don’t require batteries or charging for long journeys. Think travel games compendiums; Hasbro do some great ones that now include Guess Who, and Connect 4, colouring books, packs of cards (and Uno!), even Rubik’s Cubes are making a comeback. Or why not play some brain games, such as Fizz-Buzz, 21 or the shopping game- all classics, and with no batteries needed!!


Finally, the best hack of them all….Go with the flow!

Accept you might get lost, you will inevitably forget to pack something, the weather may not be perfect, and there may well be tears; but through it all, find the happiness, find the laughter, find the joy, and find some perspective, how great is it that you are on holiday with loved ones?!

Have any travel hacks you’d like to share, get in touch!