Technology ~ What happens when we have no internet? no-internet

cenforce 150 mg for sale Can you believe the first Iphone was released nearly 10 years ago? Since then over 2/3 of the UK population has a Smartphone.
There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t use  need the internet;  and all hell breaks loose if I can’t connect to the Wifi at home… like NOW…. all of my documents are safely stored in the cloud; which I can’t access at the minute because I have no internet connection (quel désastre!); not only that I am unable to watch Channel 4’s Four In A Bed (research purposes…obvs!)  on my Ipad whilst trying to work. I can’t even listen to my music because it’s away, floating on my own personal bloody cloud!! I’m sure EVERY ONE of you can empathise with my current situation. But when did we become these people that NEEDED this abstract construct that is the internet? It didn’t happen overnight (unlike the Zombie apocalypse of The Walking Dead); oh no, instead it was much more sneaky.

It started when we had to choose being connected to the internet or our landline (remember one of those?!), and then we could have both…at the same time; then our mobile phones, a device originally designed for talking to people (yeah right!), all of sudden we could use the internet, and by use the internet I mean it cost £10 just to load up a page- goodness knows what we were loading- Facebook hadn’t been invented yet; and then the game changer, television ON DEMAND, gone were the days when if you couldn’t find a VHS to record your programme on you missed it. We could now go out and socialise with people and watch our favourite programmes another time; only we don’t go out and socialise with people, we use this new-fangled magic to skip the adverts!
Instead of helping us form new bonds with the people in our lives, technology has created a virtual barrier for us to hide behind, a protective bubble of hashtags, likes and LOLs (do people still use LOL?!)

I have become a slave to technology, it encroached into my life so slowly, I hadn’t realised it; until I’m faced with being out in the real world, and I need to Google something and I can’t because there is no Wifi, and heaven forbid NO 4G; but what happens when we go on holiday, and the data roaming gets turned off?
Surprisingly, as an internet addict, I cope! I have conversations with the people I’m with, and I read, ok, albeit on an electrical device, and it’s great. I’m not bombarded with Farmville requests on Facebook, or emails about the latest must have accessories.

I not only look at my surroundings, I see them. I try and remember every detail, from the way the light bounces off buildings, to the voices of passers-by. I’m not checking my Facebook, or scrolling through Instagram; I’m living, and I’m creating memories.
We are surrounded by technology, and virtual interaction, we have forgotten how to interact with real people around us, the people that matter the most. The people that don’t care how many Facebook friends you have, or how many likes an Instagram photo gets.

At Votre Vacances, we celebrate our friends and family. We want all our guests to live in the moment, and create memories. Leave the shackles of technology, if only for a short while, because we are only here for a short while.
And if you really need to post a picture of your food, not to worry there’s Wifi at Château la Forêt anyway!